Love It or Lose It: The Coming Biophilia Revolution by David W. Orr

Allen’s aversion to nature, what can be called biophobia, is increasingly common among people raised with television, Walkman radios attached to their heads, and video games and living amidst shopping malls, freeways, and dense urban or suburban settings where nature is permitted tastefully, as decoration (pg. 186). 

I felt as though this quote was basically describing my generation or the current generation. I think about when I was younger and would cry to my mom to let me play outside with my friends. As a child, I used to love being outdoors and get dirty and roll around not the grass. I feel as though today kids cry because they don’t want to be outside or even go outside. Todays generation is too occupied with technology such as TV, tablets, play stations, the internet and much more unnecessary things that they begin to lose focus on the things that do matter. Like for example, our interaction to nature and the environment around us. Like Orr describes nature as a decoration; something to just look at but do nothing to. I feel as though todays generation are at risk of biophobia because of the advances of technology and strong affect it has on them.

In return for our proper use, the earth is given to humankind as a trust (pg. 192).

This quote made me feel guilty about the way in which I treat the earth. Because even the smallest thing I do to the earth has a greater impact at the end. For instance, I don’t remember the last time I recycled or instead of using bottled water using a refill cup. These small changes make a great difference to the earth and the people around me. The earth was given to us as for proper use and many of us, including myself, have abused it by trashing and providing poor maintenance. We were entrusted with the earth and instead of protecting it I feel as though we are damaging it more and more everyday. Besides feeling guilt about my actions towards the earth I also feel encouraged to change the way in which I treat the earth. Instead of throwing away trash the way I do, I will start recycling things that are recyclable. These small changes can eventually lead to greater changes that begins to ripple and those around me in a good way.

And if we do not save species and environments, we cannot save ourselves; we depend on those species and environments in more ways than we can possibly know (pg. 197).

This quote speaks truth because as humans beings we depend on other species and the environment for survival. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to live. I feel as though many people don’t understand the importance of the impact animal species and the environment has on the existence of the human population. Like I stated before, if we take action to take even a small step of hope to make a difference to the way we treat the earth we can have a greater impact. I feel as though the only way to help people understand the importance of saving the species and the environment is through education. Educating individuals at a young age especially with today generation being customed to technology rather than their natural surrounding.



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