Field Trip Reflection

Reflecting back to all the field trips that we had the two main field trips that have stayed imprinted on my mind and heart are CREW and ECHO. For the past 6 years I have traveled down corkscrew passing CREW and never imagined the beauty behind the state sign reading “CREW ahead.” I remember glancing at the CREW entrance and seeing school buses and visitors in the parking area and wondering what were they doing there. When I had the opportunity to go to CREW and leaned about it, I understood why every time I passed by it there were always a bunch of people. Experiencing CREW’s more than a hundred year old trees was like I was in a time machine looking at the past. The structure of the trees just demonstrated so much history and age as well.

Attending Echo was an amazing experience. Learning about the simplest ways to provide sources as food and and drinking water was astonishing. What I enjoyed the most about the field trip ,besides the cute goat that we saw, was the variation of planting styles using recycled resources such as plastic bottles,  old rugs and other items that we daily throw away. Echo reminded me of my town Immokalee because it reminded me of the poverty that it has and the need to apply the concepts echo to help diminish poverty and provide for the people. Immokalee is also known for its agriculture and crops and walking around echo and seeing all the crops that they grow reminded me of home. All in all, I really enjoyed the field trips and what I gain out of then which was encouragement and respect.


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