Healing Earth’s Scars: It’s Never TOO Late by Jane Goodall, Gail Hudson, and Thane Maynard

My Four reasons for hope, about which I have written and spoken extensively,  are simple—Naive perhaps, but they work for me: our quite extraordinary intellect, the resilience of nature, the energy and commitment of informed young people who are empowered to act, and the indomitable human spirit (pg. 161).

After reading this quote, I was encouraged and motivated by the author. She basically handed me her reasons for hope and inspired me to make a change. Like the title of the passage reads, “It’s NEVER too late.” It’s not too late to do something about the destruction  of wildlife that is taking place and bring resoration to our natural habitat.  I see the earth as a big home where seven billion individuals all live in.  In my home we have responsisblities; clean the place up, make sure eveything is working properly, etc. If one of these things goes unattended the home eventually starts coming apart. I see nature as the walls of the home what keeps up together and provides warm and a shetler. Nature its self provides resources and nutrients to us and with out we, humans fall apart. The earth is our big home that needs to be taken care of and just as a home needs repairments so does the earth. All we need is to act upon and look at the earth as it is; our BIG home.

From the very beginning of the project, Rene had held the firm belief that if he looked hard enough, nature would provide the solutions to all his problems (pg. 163).

I looked at this quote and had to look back at it at least twice. Why?Because it made me think of the time my mom was going through the scare of cancer and nobody besides my dad knew about it. I remember looking at my mom and knowing something was wrong she was getting thinner and wasnt smiling as much, her physical appearence showed that something was not right. I see the same with nature. When something is wrong nature will show it. Just hearing of all these incredible stories of individuals who encountered the destuction of nature by human and decided to make a diference to bring resoration. Nature will show that there is something wrong, something missing, taht will eventually like just my mom lead to solutions. All we need to do is take the time to actually notice not just see.


Without plants, animals (including ourselves) cannot survive. Herbivores eat plants directly; canrivores eat ctreatures that have fed on plants–or, to be picky, they may eat animals that fed on animals that fed on plants (pg. 174).

This quote is just straight forward which I like the most about it. Many times individuals like to sugar coat things and make things sound like not that important when they actually are. As simple as without plants animals incuding ourselves cannot surivive. Many of our resources that we consume daily come from nature; plants, animals, etc. Without this things we  wouldn’t be able to survive, which is why, today, we need to make a change and take action for restoring our environement that sustains our resources such as plants and animals. I like how the author used the food pyramid to back up that without plants we couldn’t survive.



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