What Is Biodiversity and Why Is It So Important? by Vandana Shiva

Biodiversity is the very fabric of life—it provides the conditions for life’s emergence and maintenance, and the many different ways in which that life is expressed. (pg. 38)

I love this quote. It basically explains what biodiversity really is; the fabric of life. When I think about fabric I think about detail and texture and thats what the variations of life are. Biodoversity is what gives the earth the detail and texture that it needs and that can be seen even though a satellite image where we can see the plant variantions of life in this beautiful greem color and the oceans bright blue color. This quote from Shiva really made me think about all the forms of life that exist today, like the different plants and many more of the unknown life on this earth. I truly believe is alot more that has yet to be discovered on the surface of the earth; like the deep ocean, unkown plants, and living organisms. The earth is about 7 billion years old and we are til this day finding new things that had not been discovered before.


This is at the heart both of ancient wisdom and of the new holistic theories, such as James Lovelock’s ‘Gaia’ theory, which is, in summary, that the earth is a living system, self-regulating and self-organizing. (pg. 41)

I believe that the reason why the earth is a living system, self-regulating and self- organizing is because of its living variations which are its people, animals, plants and other living organisms. The earths living components is what allows it to provide self regulating and self organizing. By self-regulating, I see it as the earth maintaining itself by controlling population which is why we we have the cycle of life; we are born, grow old and then pass away. The cycle of life is one the ways in which the earth self regulates intest by controling ppulation. In reference to self organizing, I see it as the earths way of structure where is has different variations and not many of the same things.



For the same reason conserving biodiversity cannot by achieved by putting it in a museum or a zoo. (pg. 44)

I agree with this quote because when I think  about a museum or a zoo, I see it as a place to attend so that I may admire its surrounding. When visiting a museum or a zoo, people tend to go to just walk around and observe their surrounding and walk away with what they saw. Biodiversity referring to different variations of life such as humans, animals and plants cannot be achieved by being placed in a museum to just be looked at and admired. In order to conserve biodiversity, in stead of observation, action should be taken place. Instead of just observing what we see, we should be taking action for the variations of life in order to conserve it. Ways in which we can conserve biodiversity through action is by maintaining it and sustaining it. In other words, we have to care and preserve the variations of life in this world before it is gone.




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