A Tale of Two Farms by Jared Diamond


The past offers us  a rich database from which we can learn, in order that we may keep on succeeding. (pg 17)

I agree with this quote because I believe that the past teaches and prepares us for the future. One of the greatest teachers in life is experiences, especially the experiences of others. In terms of ecological reasoning, experiences from others referring to experiences from the past. I believe that with having an understanding of the past will allow us to be ecological prepared for the future and in some case we are quick to react to it and some cases we are not. I feel as though we look at the past as if it just happened yesterday and when an ecological problem is in front of us we don’t know how to act towards it. Instead of being prepared we are more of unprepared to deal with the problem, as a result not leading to success.

It has long been suspected that many of those mysterious abandonments were at least partly triggered by ecological problems: people inadvertently destroying the environmental resources on which their societies depended. (pg 20)

I feel that this quote definitely speaks truth. Today, we live in a society that just wants more and more, so it takes and takes with out returning back or thinking about what its even taking away from. In other words, we live in a society that takes from the environment and forgets to give back which is resulting inadvertently destroying our environmental resources. Just like past societies, I feel like we are leading ourself to our own destructions. It’s crazy to know that past societies lead themselves to destruction due to destroying their own resources and that even though, today, we are aware of this we are not doing anything about it and are leading ourselves to destruction. This is just mind-blowing. Yet we see, but are we really looking. Are we really looking at what happened to past societies and preparing our society to not do the same.



If this reasoning is correct, then our efforts today will determine the state of the world in which the current generation of children and young adults lives out their middle and late years. (pg 22)

I love this quote because what we do today, will determine what tomorrow holds and what are future holds for our future generation. I remember my 6th grade science teacher constantly telling us “what can you change today to make a better tomorrow in terms of the environment. ” My answer was plain and simple, I would change the way I treat the environment. I believe this is answer is a problem that many of us deal with. That we have this boring, unimportant mindset towards the environment that we treat it as we think it is. I believe that if we are educated in an early age about the environment and the important role it plays in our lives we can make a better tomorrow for our future generations. Learning about the environment in a young age is helpful because we are able to understanding and be able to grow and develop our ways in which we are to treat it.



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