Plan B 4.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester R. Brown

In effect, we “eat” 2,000 liters of water each day. (pg. 32)

This quote was just mind blowing.  Its crazy to think that we as consumers, consume up to 2,000 liters of water in food, daily. I mostly, not self conscious about what I eat or drink but from reading this quote I definitely want to check it out for my self. I know that water is a necessity in our live and we need it for survival but I feel as though many of us abuse it. I am guilty of it myself. I buy water when I don’t need it and throw away water bottles that are half empty because they have been sitting in my room for a while. In fact water doesn’t have an expiration date to it, and be consumed whenever. Its crazy to think that 2,000 liters of water go into the food we consume daily. Dry foods tend to last longer than water foods such as vegetables and fruits. Once they are put down you have a couple days to consumer then until they get rotten and moldy. I believe there should be more awareness of the water that we abuse but as human beings we need food to survive and water as well.

In a crash program to save its soils, the United States returned large areas of erodes cropland to grass, adapted strip cropping, and planted thousands of miles of tree shelter belts. (pg.37)

Its good to know that the United States instead of getting rid of eroded croplands, they turned them into grasslands helping the environment.  Many animals in the region would benefit from this cause because they use it as a source of food. The trees also serve as a source of shade and protects native animals and plants from the rays of the sun. Reading across this quote, taught me about doing the simple things can make a difference and a change. The United States could had chosen to leave the land as it was  but instead the changed it to grassland and helped its natural surrounding. There are some things that can be changed and some things that just can’t be. For the things that can be changed, change should happen, like saving soil and preservation.



In Mexico– home to a population of 109 million that is projected to reach 129 million by 2050– the demand for water is stripping supply. Mexico’s city’s water problems are well known. (pg. 41)

This quote is so too, because where my family lives in Mexico is completely dry and deserted. The demand for clean water is up the scale. The last time I went to Mexico to visit my grandparents from my dad’s side, I recall seeing families going down to a nearby ditch and bathing in it. The water was filthy, but for them it was suitable.  My grandpa uses underground water to water his crops in and provide water for the animals in his farm. He also uses that same water for house hold and for bathing as well. The underground water was crystal clear but not drinkable . My grandparents live on the northern area of mexico, but have heard that if you go more southern you can see more poverty and the demand for water and food. Poverty itself is an issue that not just happens in Mexico but around the world.




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