A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith

Rather than selecting quotes from this story, choose a character from the book. Briefly describe who the character is and their role in the novel. How does the character relate to their environment and the natural world? What is the character’s sense of place and legacy? How do you relate to this character? What is your sense of place and how does this relate to the character? What is your legacy and how does it relate to the character? Compare and contrast.

The character from the novel that I feel I can relate to is Emma, Tobias MacIvey’s wife. Her role and character in the book, The Land Remembered, consists of a strong women who fears for the wellbeing of her family. She is the typical housewife, in charge of households and having the food set for the the family. As a mother she is their for her child and as a wife she is supportive of her husband and his decisions, even though they weren’t what she would have wanted. Emma is describes by the author as a “personification of strength,” I believe deep down Emma was weak and filled with emotions that she would normally hide through her outer strength (pg. 15). Emma and her family live in an area of wilderness and isolation. Emma’s character can relate to the environment because they are both quite similar. Emma’s natural surrounding is wilderness and isolation and Emma and her family have always lived away from people. Emma’s sense of place is wherever her family is and the same strength that Emma posseses, so does her son Zech MacIvery. He is a brave strong boy just like his mother. I can relate to Emma in many ways, especially her childhood. Emma, at a young age knew the definition of hard work. She spend most of her youth helping her father out and didn’t experienced a loving childhood. She matured at a very young age which lead her to have a such strong personality. Like Emma, I was raised by two hard working individuals, my mom and dad. I grew up migrating from northeastern to southeastern following the crop season, more importantly following work. My parents never left us behind and we would travel with them twice a year. We basically did anything from paper work to picking up vegetables in the hot sun. This hard labor definitely helped me build inner and outer strength. Even though the work at times was hard, never once did me nor my brothers and sisters complained.  Like Emma, one of my greatest fears is to be alone without my family, without nobody. I know its something that we al have to face at some point of our lives but I am the type of person that wishes otherwise. My sense of place and legacy is to raise my kids the same way my parents raised me; learning what true hard work really is. Nothing in this world is easy , but hard work does pay off. I grew up in a tough environment that has affected the way I am today. It impacted my life in a positive way rather than negative. Like Emma, one day  I want my children to value what they have and not take life for granted, but to also work hard for a better future.


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