Endgame by Michael Grunwald

The usually mild-mannered Senator Mack once yelled at him to mind his own business, but Voinovich believed that if the Everglades was really “America’s Everglades,” as the Florida senator kept calling it, then a threat to the Everglades was America’s business. (pg.82)

America is a country that is developing in a fast pace. It has gone from a green piece of land in habited by a small population to being industrial with a population of over 300 million. With America being industrial, machinery has taken the place of hands and as result buildings are being built everywhere. When I think about America’s Business as the author mentions on the quote, I think about all the job buildings and construction being taken place not just here in Florida but across America.  Construction and buildings affect the natural environment because in order to build something, land is needed. As a result, trees and natural habitats are being teared down in order to allowed America’s businesses to be built. The location of the everglades is crucial because it is located in the center of Florida, and is in the middle of building locations. If the Everglades in in fact America’s Everglades then instead of America focusing on being “industrial,” it should focus on preserving and sustaining its natural surroundings, such as the Everglades.

I was focused like a laser beam on getting this passed, and the key was unity in Florida,” Kast recalled. (pg. 88)

It’s amazing what unity can do. Through unity, what one couldn’t do can be done. This quote made me think back to when the time when I  was taking a Leadership course and one of the activities consisted of flipping over a tarp with a group of 15 standing on it without any getting off the tarp. It was a tough challenge, but I remember the leadership coordinator telling us, “the key is unity.” Once we began to work together as a team, we were able to flip the tarp over without anybody stepping off. It took us a while to get it done, but t was accomplished. Its amazing what can be done when you work as team and through unity. I remember every person on the tarp doing their own thing hoping somehow they could flip it over, but it wasn’t until we began to work together that we were able to flip the tarp over. The key was Unity!

It  was a reminder that money doesn’t always talk. People talk, too. (pg.101)

In todays society, people actually believe that money talks. Just because someone has money doesn’t necessarily make them powerful.  Or because you have money, you are rich. Being rich doesn’t always refer to how much money you may have. A person can be rich with love, happiness, joy and blessings. And power can be given to anyone not necessarily the one with the most money. In some cases, money can talk but a person can be louder. In response to the quote money doesn’t always talk, people talk too. A persons opinions can speak louder than a million dollars. In the case of the construction of the airport in Everglades, the peoples concerns spoke louder than money. One thing money cannot do is silence the matter, and if something that matters is in the way, people will talk and be louder than money.






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