Nature- Deficit Disorder and the Restorative Envirionment by Richard Louv

Those with a window view of trees, bushes, or large lawns experienced significantly less frustration and more enthusiasm than those employees, without such views. (Pg. 6)

I agree with this quote because I can relate to it. My work environment is structure in such way where it is very compact and hardly any space to move. Luckily, I have a beautiful view of the trees and sky that I like to glance at whenever I get a chance. I work as student assistance for the Student Involvement Department on campus and as you may be aware of, we always have students coming in asking for assistance. My job, at some point, can be stressful and having such a beautiful and peaceful view of nature can help my frustration levels tremendously. Having such view not only helps me mentally but also emotionally, giving me an exciting boost to get through my day.

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The Greener the setting, the more the relief. (Pg. 8)

This quote reminds me of how peaceful and calming nature is and most importantly the relief that it brings in our lives. Louv refers this wrote to the relief that children with attention-deficit disorders get through the use of the environment. “Greener” referring to outdoors activities, such as camping, fishing, swimming, and other nature activities. Green activities, as Louv describes outdoor activities, help relieve stress and other disorders such as anxiety. I suffer from terrible anxiety, and somehow I tend to find some relief through nature. Whenever I start to feel the hard breathing and burden on my chest, I just go outside and take deep breathes. I focuses on my beautiful surrounding; the trees, flowers, birds, anything and in minutes I feel calm again.

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More time in nature-combined with less television and more stimulating play and educational settings- may go a long way toward reducing attention deficits in children, and just as important increasing their joy in life. (Pg. 10)

Today, it is nearly rare to see a child playing outside. Kids, today, prefer to play video games, watch TV, navigate through the internet, rather than play outside. I believe this can be the case why we see many children suffering from deficit disorders. Many people don’t understand the importance of an outside activity. The word itself says it all “ACTIVE.” The reason for an activity is to help an individual be active; lively, and energetic, having good health. Being involved in nature related activities helps a person, especially a child, emotionally as well as physically. It provides them with the joy and health needed for life.

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This we know: As the sign over Albert Einstein’s office at Princeton University read, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” (Pg. 12)

This quote is famous quote by Albert Einstein. I believe that through this quote Einstein was trying to give us his understanding of the world itself. How do we know that what we see is actually counted and what is counted actually counts, simply we don’t know what actually counts? This quote can be applied to basically anything in this world. For instance, how do we know if someone if telling the truth or a lie, or if a person is understood or not. At the end it comes down to each individual’s beliefs; what he or she believes based on what is seen, heard or touched. This quote in one of my favorite quotes because of its complexity and variation of meaning.

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