Earth Charter

The choice is ours: form a global partnership to care for Earth and one another or risk the destruction of ourselves and the diversity of life.<;

This quote from Earth Charter reminds me of my mom’s words; “people are good beings, only that many make bad decisions.”Many individuals, including myself, choose to make bad or the wrong choices in life. A major choice being to remain unmovable and not do anything about our home, our earth. I think about Albert Einsteins famous quote; “the world is a dangerous place to live not because of those who do evil but for those who do anything about it.” He is completely true, we see how we are destroying the earth yet we do nothing to make a change. But as stated above we only have two choices, whether to be a part of the earth and care for it or lead it to destruction. This quote is very blunt but truthful at the same time.

Recognize that all beings are interdependent and every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings.<;

I look at this quote and think about the video we saw in last class about the cute froggy with the squeaky noise. Even though we don’t come across these types of species in our everyday life doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care for it or neglect the need to help save these animals. Like stated in the quote above their is a value in this species and the many other species that we don’t come across on a daily basis but do exist somewhere in the world. Like for example plants that are endangered, many people see more importance in helping preserve and save the endangered animals rather than plants but plants help human beings in the most amazing way ever by providing air for us to breathe, which is important for our existence. Anything a part of this earth, regardless of it size or appearance it worth it and has value .


This requires a change of mind and heart. It requires a new sense of global interdependence and universal responsibility.<;

In order for a change to take place in the way we act towards our environment we must first change our mind and heart. We must go from being careless and ignorant to caring and responsible. Like Orr stated “the earth has been given to humankind as a trust.” We have been entrusted with the earth, to care for it not neglect it. I see it as our parents giving us a simple task as cleaning our room. We are responsible for making sure our room is clean so we make sure its clean. Thats how we should see the earth we should be responsible to make sure it is being maintain and cleaned. This reading gave me a more clear and structure understanding of the importance of the sustainability and how our earth is importance to us and in need of our care, because without it we are nothing.



Love It or Lose It: The Coming Biophilia Revolution by David W. Orr

Allen’s aversion to nature, what can be called biophobia, is increasingly common among people raised with television, Walkman radios attached to their heads, and video games and living amidst shopping malls, freeways, and dense urban or suburban settings where nature is permitted tastefully, as decoration (pg. 186). 

I felt as though this quote was basically describing my generation or the current generation. I think about when I was younger and would cry to my mom to let me play outside with my friends. As a child, I used to love being outdoors and get dirty and roll around not the grass. I feel as though today kids cry because they don’t want to be outside or even go outside. Todays generation is too occupied with technology such as TV, tablets, play stations, the internet and much more unnecessary things that they begin to lose focus on the things that do matter. Like for example, our interaction to nature and the environment around us. Like Orr describes nature as a decoration; something to just look at but do nothing to. I feel as though todays generation are at risk of biophobia because of the advances of technology and strong affect it has on them.

In return for our proper use, the earth is given to humankind as a trust (pg. 192).

This quote made me feel guilty about the way in which I treat the earth. Because even the smallest thing I do to the earth has a greater impact at the end. For instance, I don’t remember the last time I recycled or instead of using bottled water using a refill cup. These small changes make a great difference to the earth and the people around me. The earth was given to us as for proper use and many of us, including myself, have abused it by trashing and providing poor maintenance. We were entrusted with the earth and instead of protecting it I feel as though we are damaging it more and more everyday. Besides feeling guilt about my actions towards the earth I also feel encouraged to change the way in which I treat the earth. Instead of throwing away trash the way I do, I will start recycling things that are recyclable. These small changes can eventually lead to greater changes that begins to ripple and those around me in a good way.

And if we do not save species and environments, we cannot save ourselves; we depend on those species and environments in more ways than we can possibly know (pg. 197).

This quote speaks truth because as humans beings we depend on other species and the environment for survival. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to live. I feel as though many people don’t understand the importance of the impact animal species and the environment has on the existence of the human population. Like I stated before, if we take action to take even a small step of hope to make a difference to the way we treat the earth we can have a greater impact. I feel as though the only way to help people understand the importance of saving the species and the environment is through education. Educating individuals at a young age especially with today generation being customed to technology rather than their natural surrounding.


Field Trip Reflection

Reflecting back to all the field trips that we had the two main field trips that have stayed imprinted on my mind and heart are CREW and ECHO. For the past 6 years I have traveled down corkscrew passing CREW and never imagined the beauty behind the state sign reading “CREW ahead.” I remember glancing at the CREW entrance and seeing school buses and visitors in the parking area and wondering what were they doing there. When I had the opportunity to go to CREW and leaned about it, I understood why every time I passed by it there were always a bunch of people. Experiencing CREW’s more than a hundred year old trees was like I was in a time machine looking at the past. The structure of the trees just demonstrated so much history and age as well.

Attending Echo was an amazing experience. Learning about the simplest ways to provide sources as food and and drinking water was astonishing. What I enjoyed the most about the field trip ,besides the cute goat that we saw, was the variation of planting styles using recycled resources such as plastic bottles,  old rugs and other items that we daily throw away. Echo reminded me of my town Immokalee because it reminded me of the poverty that it has and the need to apply the concepts echo to help diminish poverty and provide for the people. Immokalee is also known for its agriculture and crops and walking around echo and seeing all the crops that they grow reminded me of home. All in all, I really enjoyed the field trips and what I gain out of then which was encouragement and respect.

Healing Earth’s Scars: It’s Never TOO Late by Jane Goodall, Gail Hudson, and Thane Maynard

My Four reasons for hope, about which I have written and spoken extensively,  are simple—Naive perhaps, but they work for me: our quite extraordinary intellect, the resilience of nature, the energy and commitment of informed young people who are empowered to act, and the indomitable human spirit (pg. 161).

After reading this quote, I was encouraged and motivated by the author. She basically handed me her reasons for hope and inspired me to make a change. Like the title of the passage reads, “It’s NEVER too late.” It’s not too late to do something about the destruction  of wildlife that is taking place and bring resoration to our natural habitat.  I see the earth as a big home where seven billion individuals all live in.  In my home we have responsisblities; clean the place up, make sure eveything is working properly, etc. If one of these things goes unattended the home eventually starts coming apart. I see nature as the walls of the home what keeps up together and provides warm and a shetler. Nature its self provides resources and nutrients to us and with out we, humans fall apart. The earth is our big home that needs to be taken care of and just as a home needs repairments so does the earth. All we need is to act upon and look at the earth as it is; our BIG home.

From the very beginning of the project, Rene had held the firm belief that if he looked hard enough, nature would provide the solutions to all his problems (pg. 163).

I looked at this quote and had to look back at it at least twice. Why?Because it made me think of the time my mom was going through the scare of cancer and nobody besides my dad knew about it. I remember looking at my mom and knowing something was wrong she was getting thinner and wasnt smiling as much, her physical appearence showed that something was not right. I see the same with nature. When something is wrong nature will show it. Just hearing of all these incredible stories of individuals who encountered the destuction of nature by human and decided to make a diference to bring resoration. Nature will show that there is something wrong, something missing, taht will eventually like just my mom lead to solutions. All we need to do is take the time to actually notice not just see.


Without plants, animals (including ourselves) cannot survive. Herbivores eat plants directly; canrivores eat ctreatures that have fed on plants–or, to be picky, they may eat animals that fed on animals that fed on plants (pg. 174).

This quote is just straight forward which I like the most about it. Many times individuals like to sugar coat things and make things sound like not that important when they actually are. As simple as without plants animals incuding ourselves cannot surivive. Many of our resources that we consume daily come from nature; plants, animals, etc. Without this things we  wouldn’t be able to survive, which is why, today, we need to make a change and take action for restoring our environement that sustains our resources such as plants and animals. I like how the author used the food pyramid to back up that without plants we couldn’t survive.


Excerpt from Silent Spring “The Obligation to Endure” by Rachel Carson

The history of life on earth has been a history of interaction between living things and their surroundings (pg. 153) . 

This quote makes me think about the interactions between my personal  environmental experiences with nature. I grew up in an agricultural surrounding, where both of my parents work in direct contact with the environment. My dads company focuses on the growth of seasonal crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries, melons, etc. When we were little my dad would take up to the fields where the crops were being planted and maintained and I would be in awe to the care that the workers would put into the growth and development of the crops. It was been about 15 years since the last time I went to my dads job and interacted with the environment in such way as to simply care for the growth of such crop. My dads company focuses on the growth of seasonal crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries, melons, etc.



The rapidity of change and the speed with which new situations are created follow the impetuous and heedless pace of man rather than the deliberate pace of nature (pg. 154).

This quote makes me think about the technology advances taking place and how the majority of all the stuff that we use in our daily lives are man made rather than environmentally made.  For example, the construction of buildings requires for space to build them, where man have to take down trees in oder to make this space available.  Carson describes the pace of nature as deliberate rather the man pace is more impulsive. When I think about these two complete different things and the pace that they each work is completely different. Today, I feel as though human beings don’t take the time time to understand the way nature works and want nature to revolve around our needs when by all means we revolve around nature.


Discase-carrying insects become important where human beings are crowded together, specially under conditions where sanitation is poor, as in time of natural disaster or war or in situates of extreme poverty and deprivation (pg. 157). 

Reading this quote make me think about the natural disasters that have occurred around the world such as the tsunami that killed thousands of families in thailand a couple years ago. After the disaster, many individuals also lost their lives due to disease carry insects that are exposed after such disasters. Last summer, I had the opportunity to go to Mexico where I was able to go to the poorest regions of the country. and many of the individual living in the area had life threatening illnesses. This quote definitely bring awareness of poverty and the need to make a change about it.


What Is Biodiversity and Why Is It So Important? by Vandana Shiva

Biodiversity is the very fabric of life—it provides the conditions for life’s emergence and maintenance, and the many different ways in which that life is expressed. (pg. 38)

I love this quote. It basically explains what biodiversity really is; the fabric of life. When I think about fabric I think about detail and texture and thats what the variations of life are. Biodoversity is what gives the earth the detail and texture that it needs and that can be seen even though a satellite image where we can see the plant variantions of life in this beautiful greem color and the oceans bright blue color. This quote from Shiva really made me think about all the forms of life that exist today, like the different plants and many more of the unknown life on this earth. I truly believe is alot more that has yet to be discovered on the surface of the earth; like the deep ocean, unkown plants, and living organisms. The earth is about 7 billion years old and we are til this day finding new things that had not been discovered before.


This is at the heart both of ancient wisdom and of the new holistic theories, such as James Lovelock’s ‘Gaia’ theory, which is, in summary, that the earth is a living system, self-regulating and self-organizing. (pg. 41)

I believe that the reason why the earth is a living system, self-regulating and self- organizing is because of its living variations which are its people, animals, plants and other living organisms. The earths living components is what allows it to provide self regulating and self organizing. By self-regulating, I see it as the earth maintaining itself by controlling population which is why we we have the cycle of life; we are born, grow old and then pass away. The cycle of life is one the ways in which the earth self regulates intest by controling ppulation. In reference to self organizing, I see it as the earths way of structure where is has different variations and not many of the same things.



For the same reason conserving biodiversity cannot by achieved by putting it in a museum or a zoo. (pg. 44)

I agree with this quote because when I think  about a museum or a zoo, I see it as a place to attend so that I may admire its surrounding. When visiting a museum or a zoo, people tend to go to just walk around and observe their surrounding and walk away with what they saw. Biodiversity referring to different variations of life such as humans, animals and plants cannot be achieved by being placed in a museum to just be looked at and admired. In order to conserve biodiversity, in stead of observation, action should be taken place. Instead of just observing what we see, we should be taking action for the variations of life in order to conserve it. Ways in which we can conserve biodiversity through action is by maintaining it and sustaining it. In other words, we have to care and preserve the variations of life in this world before it is gone.



A Tale of Two Farms by Jared Diamond


The past offers us  a rich database from which we can learn, in order that we may keep on succeeding. (pg 17)

I agree with this quote because I believe that the past teaches and prepares us for the future. One of the greatest teachers in life is experiences, especially the experiences of others. In terms of ecological reasoning, experiences from others referring to experiences from the past. I believe that with having an understanding of the past will allow us to be ecological prepared for the future and in some case we are quick to react to it and some cases we are not. I feel as though we look at the past as if it just happened yesterday and when an ecological problem is in front of us we don’t know how to act towards it. Instead of being prepared we are more of unprepared to deal with the problem, as a result not leading to success.

It has long been suspected that many of those mysterious abandonments were at least partly triggered by ecological problems: people inadvertently destroying the environmental resources on which their societies depended. (pg 20)

I feel that this quote definitely speaks truth. Today, we live in a society that just wants more and more, so it takes and takes with out returning back or thinking about what its even taking away from. In other words, we live in a society that takes from the environment and forgets to give back which is resulting inadvertently destroying our environmental resources. Just like past societies, I feel like we are leading ourself to our own destructions. It’s crazy to know that past societies lead themselves to destruction due to destroying their own resources and that even though, today, we are aware of this we are not doing anything about it and are leading ourselves to destruction. This is just mind-blowing. Yet we see, but are we really looking. Are we really looking at what happened to past societies and preparing our society to not do the same.



If this reasoning is correct, then our efforts today will determine the state of the world in which the current generation of children and young adults lives out their middle and late years. (pg 22)

I love this quote because what we do today, will determine what tomorrow holds and what are future holds for our future generation. I remember my 6th grade science teacher constantly telling us “what can you change today to make a better tomorrow in terms of the environment. ” My answer was plain and simple, I would change the way I treat the environment. I believe this is answer is a problem that many of us deal with. That we have this boring, unimportant mindset towards the environment that we treat it as we think it is. I believe that if we are educated in an early age about the environment and the important role it plays in our lives we can make a better tomorrow for our future generations. Learning about the environment in a young age is helpful because we are able to understanding and be able to grow and develop our ways in which we are to treat it.